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What our patients say

David from Ilkley

Before going to Ilkley Chiropractic I had suffered persistent migraines over a three month period. I often had three or four migraines a week. Within two treatments the frequency of my migraines reduced substantially. After four treatments my migraines stopped. I now have treatment every three months and have not had a migraine in 18 months. Getting treatment has given me my life back.

(Editorial – there are numerous causes of migraines and this patient's experience should not be seen as reflective of every outcome of migraine patients to chiropractic care.)

Ian from Silsden

My surgeon told me that if my chiropractor had not sent me for an MRI when he did I could have spent the rest of my life in a wheel chair. Following a full history and examination of my condition my chiropractor said that I needed an MRI, within two weeks I had undergone surgery to release pressure on my spinal cord.

James from Addingham

When I was 22 I had a disc taken out of my low back. When I was 28 the pain in my low back and leg came back. My doctor advised me that I would probably need another operation on my back. However, he advised that manual therapy may assist. I was recommended to John Rees at Ilkley Chiropractic Clinic who said that he would be prepared to give me some treatments to see if he could reduce the pain. My pain soon went. I was able to go back to work as a carpenter and now three years later I see John for maintenance treatment every three months.

(Editorial – there are numerous causes of mechanical low back pain and this patient’s experience should not be seen as reflective of every outcome of low back pain patients to chiropractic care.)

Margaret from Yeadon

I had had low back pain for over forty years. My GP regrettably told me that he felt that I would probably have to live with it. When I saw John he asked whether the pain had come on soon after my pregnancy back in 1966. When we made the connection it became easy to diagnose the problem. After a few treatments I hardly noticed any pain. I just wish that I had heard of chiropractic forty years ago.

Janet from Otley

Being a keen golfer and hiker, I was very concerned when I developed a constant pain in my right hip and groin and decided that I would have to re-organise my lifestyle and have more relaxing days and less active days. A friend recommended I made an appointment to see Rachel at Ilkley Chiropractic Clinic. Rachel has been treating me for six months; the time span between each visit has increased to ten weeks and I no longer have any pain. My golf has improved and a long distance walk has been booked. Don't leave the country Rachel!

Gordon from Addingham

I've had a bad back for a number of years
The pain that I've had has reduced me to tears
But since I met you
The things I can do
I do them without any fears

So now when I have a twinge of pain
It's off to see that girl again
It's a quick tweak here and a quick tweak there
She won't hurt me so I don't care.