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Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment

The treatment offered by your chiropractor will be specific to you and your condition. Initially the role of the patient will be passive. The chiropractor will undertake the responsibility of improving the condition. However, once the initial treatments have been undertaken and the pain levels have been reduced, the patient will be required to follow an exercise regime to assist in reducing the symptoms.

Chiropractors use a mechanised bench which, in addition to the techniques employed with their hands, and a number of modalities, including acupuncture and ultrasound facilitates the majority of the treatment.

What to expect on your first visit

Diagnosing the cause of musculo-skeletal symptoms is notoriously difficult and requires an in depth examination following a detailed patient history. Making the right diagnosis at the outset, ensures that the correct treatment is undertaken immediately, foreshortening the treatment needed with the resultant improvement in health more rapidly.

Often, by the time that new patients arrive at our clinic, they have been seen by a number of clinicians and therapists without any positive results. In addition, many of the clinicians they have visited do not have the depth of knowledge of a chiropractor and have been given incorrect or misleading diagnoses.

For the reasons cited above, at Ilkley Chiropractic, we understand the importance of giving our new patients time to explain the history of their condition. Therefore, we allow an hour for the initial consultation.

Once the history has been taken we will have a good indication of the cause of the problem. This directs us to specific chiropractic, orthopaedic, and neurological examinations to substantiate and verify our first impressions. Following these examinations, the patient will be given a clear report of findings and diagnosis.

If we feel that there is a need for further investigations like X-ray, MRI or blood tests, we will notify the patient at this stage. Assuming that the condition is one that will respond to chiropractic care, we will commence treatment at the first consultation.

At the end of the first consultation the patient will be given a clear indication of the number of treatments required to improve their symptoms and also the frequency by which treatments are required.


A fundamental part of chiropractic care is the use of appropriate exercise. In the course of treatment, patients will be given the responsibility of improving their condition by undertaking specific exercises.

Reconditioning injured soft tissues such as ligaments and muscles is paramount in effecting improved range of motion of the joints. Exercises that facilitate the optimal length of the muscles and then strengthen them are key towards providing improvement from injury.