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About US

John Rees - Doctor of Chiropractic

John qualified as a chiropractor from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in 2001. The AECC has been the primary chiropractic college in Europe for over 40 years. Whilst playing rugby, John experienced a low back injury during a match. He visited his doctor whose advice did nothing to reduce his symptoms. A friend advised him to visit a chiropractor. Within two treatments he was able to return to playing rugby. It was as a result of this experience that John changed his mind from wishing to retrain as a GP, to that of a chiropractor.

'There are many enjoyable aspects to being a chiropractor. During your training you realise the depth of knowledge required to being a chiropractor. Being in the position of treating members of the public, particularly when they arrive in such pain, is a privilege. When they respond so well to the treatment you realise how powerful the is the art of chiropractic;' John said.

Linda Hector - Clinic Practice Manager

Linda joined our clinic, at its inception in 2003, with 16 years experience of working as a Practice Manager in a chiropractic clinic.

The knowledge that Linda has assimilated in her 21 years 'behind the desk' is invaluable to us as clinicians, as well as to our patients. From dealing with new patient enquiries over the telephone to engaging with all our patients in the waiting room, Linda's 'first point of contact' defines the professional, but friendly ethic that, we hope, exemplifies the personality and character that Ilkley Chiropractic Clinic aims to project.

Therapeutic Massage - Corrine Dochery

At Ilkley Chiropractic we are conscious of the importance of treating the muscular system in tandem with the skeletal system. On many occasions it is necessary to spend concerted effort on relaxing, facilitating, and strengthening muscle groups so that they function optimally alongside the skeletal and neurological systems.

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The Education of Your Chiropractor

All chiropractors are trained for a minimum of 4 years, ultimately resulting in a post graduate qualification of Master in Chiropractic and the title Doctor of Chiropractic.

The training is similar to that of a general medical practitioner although the chiropractic course substitutes the detailed knowledge of surgery and pharmacology found within the training of the GP with a more detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology. In addition chiropractors have a specific knowledge of radiology and radiography that allows then to take x-rays and report on them subsequently.

Due to the fact that a patient can self refer directly to a chiropractor, without the need to first consult their GP, a chiropractor has to be trained in General Diagnosis to a similar level to that of a GP.

Chiropractic treatment has an effect on the nervous system, thus a detailed knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the central and peripheral nervous system is paramount.

Chiropractic is synonomous with manipulation of joints. Consequently a chiropractor is trained with the ability to manipulate every joint of the musculoskeletal system such as to optimise its movement and thus improve both the function of the joint and the soft tissues to which it is associated.

Membership of professional bodies

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA)
The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) The BCA was founded in 1925, represents over 50% of UK chiropractors. All BCA chiropractors will have undergone a minimum four-year full-time internationally-accredited undergraduate course and are registered with the General Chiropractic Council, the UK's statutory regulator for the profession. The BCA aim to promote, encourage and maintain high standards of conduct, practice, education and training within the profession in the UK.

General Chiropractic Council (GCC)
General Chiropractic Council (GCC) Chiropractic is one of very few professions that is governed by specific statute.

The General Chiropractic Council is a statutory body established to promote chiropractic, uphold professional standards in chiropractic and protect patient interests. The Council oversees chiropractic education both at undergraduate level and in continued professional development. It ensures that optimal standards of treatment and care are maintained throughout the profession.

The term chiropractor is statutorily protected. In other words it is a criminal offence to be titled a ‘chiropractor’ without being registered with the GCC.